The mystery of a blonde baby haunted this family for decades – Until they finally met the ghost of their past face to face

The six Berry children grew up in Fort Ord, California, as the children of a homemaker and a military man. One day, they learned of their father’s secret past.

When their mother, Dorothy, was pregnant with her daughter, Donna, a stranger appeared at their door. The stranger was a tall and beautiful woman who was carrying along an 18-month old, blonde, little girl who they had never seen.

The woman was there to confront their father and Dorothy’s husband, Cecil. She needed Cecil’s help with their child, the young girl, whom she had conceived while they were both serving during the war, long before Cecil met and fell in love with Dorothy.

The woman’s name was Lillian Stewart, and she made sure Dorothy knew that she didn’t want anything from Cecil or her. However, she soon asked the family to care for the small child while she traveled all the way to San Francisco to look for work.

Dorothy couldn’t say no and turn the child away, even though they had never met the child. So, while she was pregnant with Cecil’s child, Dorothy took care of his and Lillian’s baby, whom they nicknamed Sandi.

Lillian eventually came back again to take back her daughter, and the couple never saw the little girl again. Sandi was assimilated into the Berry household in 1947 for a period of time, but none of the siblings recall how long she stayed.

Years passed and as the children grew up, they recalled their mother telling them stories about the adorable baby.

Sister Sue Berry told USA TODAY, “Over the years, we’d heard about this beautiful blonde baby that was just a precious human being, but we didn’t know where she was. I’d look in magazines, look at people and see a red-headed adorable lady or a pretty girl like us and I’d (think), that must be our sister.”

Saundra “Sandi” Wannemacher, 70, had been told the same story as the Berry kids had about her being left with the family so her mom could leave and find a job.

Sandi grew up believing she was an only child, but after an online search was conducted about her father’s family, she discovered she wasn’t. In fact, she had six other siblings! The Berry children had been looking for their long lost half-sister, too, and as fate would have it, their paths finally crossed.

After communicating with each other by phone, email and text, the siblings decided it was finally time to come face-to-face for a meeting that was nothing less than heartwarming! Finally, their family felt “whole.”

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