Pregnant doctor in patient gown pauses her own labor to deliver another woman’s baby in distress

Dr. Amanda Hess is an obstetrician-gynecologist from Frankfort, Kentucky. She recently checked into the Frankfort Regional Medical Center, but not as a doctor.

Amanda was going into labor and settling into her delivery room. But the obstetrician soon learned another pregnant woman needed help.

Amanda’s husband looked at her and said, ‘Is that a woman screaming?!’”

Indeed it was.

Leah Halliday Johnson’s baby was coming faster than expected. Her doctor was coming back from a break, but the pain was getting worse.

Realizing Leah was in distress down the hall, the expecting doctor sprung into action and took matters into her own hands.

Amanda quickly threw on another gown to cover her backside and a pair of boots over her shoes, and hurried to Leah’s room.

But here’s the kicker: Amanda was completely dilated. And while Leah’s husband found it strange that Amanda was wearing a hospital gown, Leah had no idea her heroic doctor was also moments away from having a baby.

Incredibly, Amanda delivered Leah’s baby. But there was still one more newborn she needed to deliver.