Airline passenger shouts at check-in woman – then her 6-word response instantly knocks him down to size

The absolute classic phrase you might have heard is, in the service industry, “The customer is always right”, but as always there are some people out there who prove this wrong!

We all know, those of us who have worked in a service job especially, what this phrase really means, there are some who think that, sadly, they are better than everyone else and insist that they are treated that way, almost like a king or queen, and treat customer service like peasants.

This woman in this story is working at the check-in counter for an airline is not real, but illustrates a really clever way to deal with quite terribly rude people, customers that is! Her retort to a very not so respectful passenger show him his place in a polite and professional way, it also made me howl with laughter!

Go further down this page to read the story and don’t even think twice to share it, the woman retort is completely amazing! The woman at the check-in desk at LaGuardia Airport in New York needs to have a medal for how she dealt with this nasty customer!

Have you ever dealt with an irate customer? This is the one for you guy n gals!

The Southwest Airlines flight, a really busy and full flight was canceled, because of really bad weather, this single agent was re-booking everyone to fly again another time.

Then, all of a sudden a super angry passenger pushed his way to the head of the line…

He slammed his ticket on the table and said rudely:

“I HAVE to be on this flight and it has to be FIRST CLASS.”

The agent said in reply:

“I’m sorry, sir. I’ll be happy to try to help you, but I’ve got to help these folks first, and then I’m sure we’ll be able to work something out.”

This passenger was really not impressed at all!

Loudly, he demanded so all the other passengers could hear:


Then the agent smiled and responded in a split-second, by grabbing her public announcement microphone…

She said:

“May I have your attention, please?”

“We have a passenger here at Gate 14 WHO DOES NOT KNOW WHO HE IS.”

“If anyone can help him with his identity, please come to Gate 14.”

The folks who happened to be behind him and hysterical with laughter, the man glared at the woman gritting his teeth…

He said:

“Screw you!”

Without even hesitation the woman said, as she smiled nicely:

“I’m sorry, sir. You’ll have to get in line for that, too.”

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Teenager Has Massive Stockpiles Of Tampons, Mom Explains The Girl’s Secret

There are some things in life that are too embarrassing or to taboo to talk about openly, well at least in polite company of course.

One good example of this is our sex life, another could be toilet goings on, women’s periods, everything associated with it, tampons etc, and last but not least women’s hygiene.

Lily Alter, a 14 year old, was writing an essay at school and decided to make the subject of her work a subject that she felt more people should be able to talk about more openly without feeling bad or embarrassed, women’s hygiene.

Lily dove into the subject deeply and thoroughly, but the more she realized what a burden it might be for some, that’s when she had a brainstorm, a lightbulb moment that was to spread far further than the realms of her classroom.

YouTube/CSB Chicago
Her English teacher in her school, Oak Park River Forest High School in Chicago, had requested that students write an essay on a school issue, and that’s when Lily had the wonderful idea for her project.

Lily said:

“I thought about homelessness, women’s rights” … “And I wanted to combine it in a way that I could actually maybe help people.”

Lily had been deeply researching the subject, and that’s when she made a really sad discovery.

She discovered that of the population, there are many homeless women who constantly had to make tough choices, but that one of those choices lay between Staying healthy, Eating, having a roof over their head, or having sanitary products, and the last of these, the sanitary supplies, was usually the first thing to cut out!

YouTube/CSB Chicago
Lily thought about this and really wanted to make a difference, not just write a school paper about it, so she started collecting tampons and other little things for women’s hygiene and pack them into little kits.

Lily said:

“They contain enough supplies for one menstrual cycle”

YouTube/CSB Chicago
She took the kits out into the streets with her and gave them to homeless women, such a great, kind and selfless act, both compassionate and thoughtful Lily had stunned her teacher and everyone else!

No too long after this she had collected $3000 for her project to continue!

Lily said:

“With the money I have made now, I could probably have a year’s worth of kits for the woman in the shelters”

A small gesture that made a huge impact:

If more people could be so selfless and follow this girl’s passion for helping others. Maybe if you share her story it will prompt others to get stuck in and help each other out!

Mom abandons 1 year old baby in a derelict house, 10 years later, she returns and discovers the unthinkable

Over ten years ago, something terrible happened in Yaroslavl, a Russian City that will never forget that terrible thing that happened there!

One day quite some time ago, a neighbour heard that a baby was crying in a house not far away, but at the time he didn’t think about it a whole lot and went back to his daily life.

In the days that proceeded, he noticed that the baby continued to cry inconsolably, even though no one had seen any signs of life from the house, there were never lights on or any sign of activity at all.

The neighbours really started to worry and called the police to investigate.

When the police got into the house it was derelict and empty, the people who had lived there before had taken all their things, cleared the house and disappeared.

The only thing that was left in the house was their own little baby, how awful!

YouTube/РЕН ТВ. Новости
The little girl was one year old and they found her on a dirty cold floor all on her own for many days!!

The authorities investigated further and discovered that the baby was called Liza Verbitskaya, although her parents were nowhere to be seen, in fact, no one could find them or where they were.

Little Liza was taken to a doctor and she recovered in the hospital for a good number of days to make sure she really was nursed back to health after her ordeal.

YouTube/РЕН ТВ. Новости
While she was in the hospital there was a woman called Inna Nika, she was there looking after her sick son and was there day and night.

One particular day she happened to hear a scream from the hospital room next door and had a look inside the room, out of curiosity and concern, to see what was going on. Little Liza was there in the room and Inna felt a maternal pull toward the little girl.

From that day forth, Inna visited Liza every day and came with clothes, food and toys for her.

YouTube/РЕН ТВ. Новости
Inna was about to visit Liza one day, like every other day, but Lisa was not there, she had gone? She found out that the little girl was thought to be strong enough to be released from care at the hospital to an orphanage.

Inna felt so empty and really yearned to be reunited with the little girl again, so much so that she made the decision to go and find her!

YouTube/РЕН ТВ. Новости
When she did find her she felt that there was no doubt in her mind, she wanted to adopt the little girl. Inna began the adoption process as soon as she could and after a lot of paperwork Liza was given permission to live with Inna and her family, where she loved her like one of her own.

When Inna adopted Liza, with the paperwork and delays she was nearly two. She was so afraid of loud noises she couldn’t chew food! She had been very traumatized…

Inna was more determined than ever to give the little girl the ware and love that she had always needed and her dark times were clearly in the past.

YouTube/РЕН ТВ. Новости
Liza found it difficult to learn to walk, but as she got older Inna joined her with a dance school, she hoped that she would become more comfortable in herself and it would bring her out of her shell.

Exactly why, nobody will be 100% sure, but with all the love and the care she received from her adopted mom, it wasn’t long before Liza bloomed like another girl of her age.

YouTube/РЕН ТВ. Новости
Liza was really dark skinned unlike her siblings and stuck out like a sore thumb, it really was not easy as she began to grow up. Inna always said to her daughter that she should never listen to others as they are easily driven by jealousy.

The now teenage Liza has won several beauty contests, many talents show and worked her first job as a fashion model. Such an amazing contrast to how her life started and how she has succeeded!

YouTube/РЕН ТВ. Новости
Her modelling career and her incredible storey have made her a Russian celebrity, so much so that her biological mother hear about her, and then of course wanted to contact her! Liza really didn’t want contact with a mother who threw her away to perish as a little baby.

I’m glad for one that Liza’s life turned out to be amazing with a loving family, let’s share this amazing and inspiring story to inspire all of us to do better!

Mom thinks 3-year-old son got stung by a wasp: realizes the horrific truth when his body suddenly turns blue

We all love a beautiful summer day full of warmth and sunshine. Enjoying a meal on the patio, hot dogs on the grill, s’mores over a campfire it doesn’t get much better.

Unfortunately, time spent outdoors in the summer does comes with it’s downside and 3-year-old Kristoffer Nordgarden painfully experienced one of them.

Summertime means no shoes, which increases your risk of injuries by accidentally stepping on a sharp object or a bee or even worse….a snake.

When 3-year-old Kristoffer ran to his mother Elisabeth Nordgarden crying one day, she initially didn’t think it was too serious.


Elisabeth Nordgarden would have never thought that this would be the most terrifying weekend of her life.

A short 15 minutes after he started crying, Kristoffer’s foot began to swell and turn blue.

Elisabeth called the 911 the ambulance and helicopter arrived almost instantly. They repeatedly said this is a snake bite…Elisabeth had no idea.

Kristoffer received an antidote when he arrived and began to show signs of improvement. His vital signs quickly began to get worse… then even worse.

It turned out that the boy had internal bleeding in his intestine, his blood value was at a 5 (11 is standard) and he had lost weight (now 33 pounds down from 44)

Soon, Elisabeth began to understand how serious this situation was, and that’s when she really began to worry.


After a week and a half at the hospital, Kristoffer had survived! He finally recovered and was able to go home.

Despite everything, in typical 3-year-old fashion Kristoffer was back outside playing the very day he got home. However, mom is more cautious of the places he plays and the time of day he plays.

“I have much more respect for vipers now and I will ensure that my kids are wear boots when they go out in areas with high grass in the future,” she says.

It’s wise to be extra cautious with vipers or any other venomous animal. Kristoffer was lucky but this could have ended in tragedy.

“If You See A Plastic Bottle On Your Tire, You Are At Risk For Theft

Those wishing to do harm have a horrible new trick. If you see a plastic bottle on your car tire, you could be at risk. We need to help spread this warning so no one else gets fooled.

Criminals have allegedly come up with a new trick that’s proving so effective, it seems to be spreading around the world as news outlets from various countries have issued a warning: Drivers beware, thieves are deploying a new method to try to rob you or even steal your car, and all it takes is a plastic bottle. After a video was released and made its way to social media, detailing for other wannabe robbers exactly how it’s done, it’s become a concern for police everywhere.

First reported in Limpopo, a South African province bordering Botswana, Zimbabwe, the trick quickly spread to the other side of the world as a YouTube channel out of Mexico issued a “warning” video about this new way to steal a car. Unfortunately, a warning wasn’t all the video shared as it’s been viewed nearly 6 million times. In fact, it detailed for other criminals an easy way to take advantage of innocent people.

The new sneaky scam that these thieves are using to steal valuables or even entire cars from unsuspecting drivers is quite simple. First, the criminals target a parked car. After spotting a vehicle they wish to rob or steal, they slyly place an empty plastic bottle on top of the car’s passenger side tire, wedged in between the rubber and the wheel well, where the driver is least likely to spot it. Then, they wait.

Nothing seems amiss as the driver hops into their vehicle and fires it up. It’s not until they start to move the running vehicle that they realize there’s a problem. As depicted in the video below, the empty plastic bottle begins to crackle as it’s smashed by the moving tire. When the driver jumps out to inspect the odd noise, unaware of the plastic bottle’s existence, their instinct is to leave the car on so they can investigate where the sound came from. And, you can probably guess what happens next.

Although the video is in Spanish, it’s easy to grasp what the YouTuber is telling you. When the driver exits the vehicle for a closer look at their car, thanks to the strange sound the plastic bottle created, the thieves who put it there is given a great opportunity as they remained on the lookout nearby. The car they couldn’t get into before is now not only unlocked but even running with the keys in the ignition and the owner is distracted.

As soon as the driver makes their way to the other side of the vehicle, the car thief can jump into the driver’s seat, and it’s “Bye-bye car” before the owner can fully grasp what just happened. While they might only grab possessions from the car in some instances, then take off and leave the car behind, either way, the driver and their valuables are at risk if a criminal successfully deploys this trick.

Make no mistake, although this method was originally reported in Africa and the video comes out of Mexico, this nasty trick can make its way to our neighborhoods if it hasn’t already. The footage sought to warn about the crime, but it also demonstrated perfectly for other criminals how to execute the same plan. Luckily, it’s easy to foil their plans if we know about them. Therefore, it’s important to make others, who could be potential targets, aware.

Plastic bottles and thieves can be found anywhere, so regardless of where you live, there could be a risk of this happening to you or your loved one. So, remember and remind others that we should consider taking that extra second to walk around our car and look it over before we get into it. This is Driver’s Ed 101, and it can prevent more than just the potential criminal from carrying out their sick plot. If anything is there that shouldn’t be, take extra precautions. Criminals are clever, but we can be prepared for their sneaky tricks and effectively protect ourselves by simply being wise to their methods. If sharing this warning prevents even one single person from being fooled, it’s worth it. Stay vigilant.

Here’s Why You Should Leave a Coin in the Freezer Before Leaving the House

If you are thinking of going on vacation and leaving food in the freezer, this is an article you should not miss. Today we shares with you a simple trick that will tell you if it is safe to consume the food that you left in the freezer.

Sometimes when we’re away from home, the power goes off and we never know about it. However, this can cause food stored in the freezer to defrost and deteriorate.

One woman has came up with an ingenius trick on how we can now check if our refrigerators are still in optimal working condition – with just a single mug of water and a penny! With such an experiment, you’d never have to worry about having spoilt vegetables or fruits in your fridge again.

An idea developed by Sheila Pulanco Russell, she demonstrates a fridge-mug experiment with simple tap water. It is an extremely easy experiment – if the penny freezes, its a good sign – your fridge’s able to keep your groceries well-chilled and frozen. If it isn’t, it probably tells you that you’d need to buy a new refrigerator to prevent food spoilage – try this at home now!

Source: Sheila Pulanco Russell (Facebook)
In a Facebook post which quickly received hundreds of thousands of reactions and shares, Sheila explains how to proceed. She writes:

“For those of you that are evacuating from the coast, I just heard a great tip. It’s called the one cup tip. You put a cup of water in your freezer. Freeze it solid and then put a quarter on top of it and leave it in your freezer. That way when you come back after you’ve been evacuated you can tell if your food went completely bad and just refroze or if it stayed frozen while you were gone.

If the quarter has fallen to the bottom of the cup that means all the food defrosted and you should throw it out. But if the quarter is either on the top or in the middle of the cup then your food may still be ok. It would also be a great idea to leave this in your freezer all the time and if you lose power for any reason you will have this tip to fall back on.

If you don’t feel good about your food, just throw it out. The main thing is for all to be safe. Please SHARE this on your page. ”

In any case, if you’re not sure whether food is safe, throw it out. The most important thing in life is, and will always be, your health.

Firemen Drive Bullied Boy Home – Hours later, Mom sees a Stranger on Her Front Lawn

Unfortunately, bullying occurs in schools and workplaces around the world. It makes me furious, but I’m heartened that there are a lot of people working hard to put a stop to this unacceptable behavior and are also doing their best to help victims of bullying.

An American boy named Jonathan had been bullied for a long time, but the situation got even worse when he was brutally beaten.

It was then that some firefighters from a local station decided to step in – and they became the boy’s heroes.

Jonathan is a seventh grader who has autism. On the bus to school one day last fall, a boy made fun of his sneakers and called him “fat” and “stupid.”

Jonathan put on headphones so he wouldn’t have to listen to the bully. And once he got to school, he simply went about his day. But on the bus ride home, things got much worse.

Image Source: YouTube/CBS
Another student beat up Jonathan. He crushed his glasses, broke his lip, and left bruises on his face.

Jonathan’s autism makes it difficult to have self-control. But on that day, he made lots of people proud. He didn’t fight back.

Image Source: YouTube/CBS
Some emergency medical technicians from the local fire station came to the scene, called the boy’s mother, and drove him home. During the ride, Jonathan felt so comfortable that he told the firefighters about his condition and told them what he wants to do when he grows up.

The firefighters dropped him off at home and drove away. But what Jonathan didn’t know was that it wouldn’t be the last time he’d meet the heroic firefighters.

Image Source: YouTube/CBS
That same evening, some people showed up in Jonathan’s front yard with an unimaginable surprise. The firefighters were back!

On their own initiative, they bought Jonathan new shoes.

“That’s all for you for being such a great kid, for keeping your cool, for not losing it, and for being the better person,” the firefighters told Jonathan.

Image Source: YouTube/CBS
Jonathan himself had a message for his bully:

“I would like to tell that student that I forgive him, and would like to be his friend. My mom and I talked yesterday, and would like to invite the student who did this to dinner with us, so that he can see that we are not different, just because we look different.”

Jonathan is an inspiration for all – and we can learn a lot from his kind heart. The firefighters’ gesture to him was so nice, and I think Jonathan will go far in life.

In this video, Jonathan explains what happened – and we get to meet some of the heroic firefighters who helped him, too.

Jonathan is a real hero! Please share this article to let the world know what a good-hearted boy he is – and to thank the firefighters for their beautiful gesture.

Man stages most romantic proposal by putting a wooden treasure box under the ground, they uncover the box and it reveals a wedding ring

Over the recent past years, we have seen many viral videos online about grand proposals. Of course it would go trending on several social media platforms because we all buy into the idea of love. Whenever we see these romantic videos online, we get inspired making us want to experience the same joy that these people get.

Grand gestures for a proposal are definitely one of the things that sweep women of their feet. But nothing could probably get more creative and romantic than this viral footage of a wedding proposal during a metal detecting hike.

A guy from Kabletown, West Virginia just staged the most well-thought off and effortful proposal to date. He bought an old treasure box from a vintage shop, placed a wedding ring inside it, and hid it deep under the mud. Of course, this was all so he could carry out his plan of surprising his girlfriend.

He then asked his girlfriend to join him in a metal detecting hike through the forest and this is where the whole video started. The metal detectors have signaled off near a huge rock, sensing that the box with the engagement ring was beneath it.

The guy went on to dig up on the area until they found an old box covered in dirt. His girlfriend tried to take a footage of the whole process of uncovering the box. They slowly removed the mud on the cover and it initially revealed a Bible verse at the top part. They went on to remove more dirt and another verse was found at the bottom. The verses read Matthew 13:44 and Proverbs 18:22.

During this time, the girlfriend whose name is Lisa, was overly excited about the box. The fact that they had Bible verses on them got her even more elated to find out what was inside it. Not knowing what the verses meant, the guy took out his Bible to find what Proverbs 18:22 was.

As the guy opens the box, we see something that was wrapped in white cloth. He goes back to the bible and finally finds the verse which said, “He who finds a wife has found a good thing.” Lisa was probably all caught up about the treasure they dug up that she didn’t realize her boyfriend was trying to tip off that he was going to propose.

It wasn’t until the guy revealed what was beneath the white cloth that she finally understood. Upon seeing the ring, Lisa got very emotional, dropping the phone in the process. Her boyfriend picked it up and aimed the camera at her, filming her response.

The guy then asks the important question, and before he even finishes his sentence, Lisa already answered with a smiling “Yes!”

This man made netizens laugh when he suddenly does this in a gasoline station!

A lot of circumstances truly test our patience and character. Sometimes no matter how hard we try to be calm there are just moments in life where it is impossible to find the zen spirit within and unleash our inner angels to try to be good.

In the morning when you wake up, you’ll immediately hear the news and in our present times, it seems like hearing bad news had been a constant. It’s like every day we’re counting bodies involved in the fight against illegal substances. Every day, the inflation rate goes up and up, and the value of the money that we can buy before becomes less and less. Imagine that 1,000 pesos, before it can last a person up to one week, but now it’s hard to even stretch it in two days.

It’s uneasy to see your fellow Filipino enduring hardships. On our way to work, while we ride comfortably in our cars, we see more and more people, being engulfed in a life below poverty. They are sleeping on the streets, begging for money and some food. It’s hard to be motivated when everyone around you seems to be taken in an atmosphere of negativity and struggle to make ends meet each day.

That’s why this story of a man who suddenly goes berserk on his motorcycle although full of humor can also be related to everyday stress. The man in the video, was filling up his ride with gas. He was trying to get something from the compartment section of his motorcycle, but the seat won’t cooperate, it keeps on falling down on him and that’s why he got irritated and in a matter of seconds, the gasoline boy, pulled him away from the motorcycle seat he was punching with much gusto.

Yes, it’s funny. But if we think about it, moments like these can only be brought about by excessive stress. When a person has a bad day, and just when he or she thinks, it can no longer get worse, and it does, this is what happens. We release our frustrations in even the craziest ways possible. We fight with inanimate objects. We become aggressive at the smallest problems. We deviate our attention to avoid confrontation. This reflects a bigger problem.

And while we might not know, what it is. It is already prevalent that this guy has become viral because of what he did. A lot of netizens find it hilarious and funny.
We just hope that the next time, the driver would not try to pick up a fight with his seat, because that’s just borderline insanity.

WATCH: Pilot amazingly saves his passengers’ lives during a typhoon

We all know that being a pilot is never easy. This job requires you to have a great source of knowledge and a handful of courage and braveness. Because of the privilege of traveling from one country to another, many people aspire to be one, but the standards of this profession are definitely challenging. These pilots are also responsible for their passengers, who entrusted them with their lives. Fighting against typhoons is also one of the most challenging conflicts of this occupation.

Recently, a video of a pilot who successfully managed to save a plane from an unfortunate incident shocked a lot of netizens. The clip was uploaded online and has been gaining a lot of attention ever since.

According to reports, the plane known as Dragon Air B-737 was about to make its landing at an airport in Shen Zhen, China. Because of the strong winds brought by the typhoon, the aircraft had a hard time making a smooth landing. The number of passengers wasn’t revealed but it was certain that their lives were definitely at stake.

Floating up in the air, the plane has spun a full 360 degrees which definitely shocked many people. After this, it can also be seen that it had swayed down for a couple of times as the pilot still tries to take everything under control.

The video also showed the passengers who were visibly traumatized by the event. Hundreds of them took off the plane via a giant slide prepared by the management of the airport. People were also heard screaming for help after their horrifying experience inside the aircraft.

Although it was truly a frightening experience, many people still thanked the pilot for saving the lives of his passengers. Netizens stressed that it could have ended badly but thanks to the pilot’s skills and quick thinking, he was able to bring his passengers to safety.

Watch The Video Below: