If you ever see a quarter resting on top of a grave sone, don’t touch it

The world is filled with weird superstitions. Some involve black cats, some involve lemon and chilies but this one is strange as well.

Have you ever seen coins on a tombstone? Dan Malenfont works at Holly, Michigan’s National Military Cemetery.

He has been witness to countless families mourning the loss of their loved ones. But there’s one strange thing that he has seen people do over the past couple of years.

Many visitors leave American coins on the headstones of the deceased. Dan was intrigued by this ritual and decided to research to find the reason behind this practice.

People leave coins as a sign of respect for the military members who died and also to show their family member that someone paid a visit to this man’s grave.

The origin of this tradition is still unknown, but this is a beautiful way to remember the heroes who made sacrifices for the betterment of our lives.

Some think that it began as a move to gain popularity during the Second World War. Initially, it was just done to pay respect to our fallen heroes. But as time passed, each coin started having a special meaning.

If you wanted just to acknowledge and show respect to the dead soldier you leave a penny. If you trained in boot camp with the deceased, you leave a nickel. If you served alongside the soldier, you leave a dime. A quarter signifies that you were present when the soldier was killed.

Although there is not official policy recognizing this practice it has become a common practice.

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