Heartless crowds do nothing to help woman knocked down by hit and run taxi in China, leaving her to be crushed by a second car

SHOCKING footage shows a woman being smashed when she’s hit by a car and left lying in the street – then run over a second time after bystanders failed to stop and help.

Video of the double hit-and-run was released recently by authorities in the city of Zhumadian, China, and has caused outrage among viewers.

Police say the woman (pictured trying to cross the road before she was struck) died from the two accidents

The pedestrian was first hit by a taxi (top right) while trying to cross the road

CCTV captured her lying motionless on the road following the hit and run

She was then run over a second time after bystanders failed to come to her aid

The two drivers involved in the incident, which occurred sometime in April, have since been detained.

The clip was taken in the early hours of the morning and shows the victim, surnamed Ma, waiting in the middle of a busy street she was attempting to cross.

As she stops for passing cars, she is hit side-on and at speed by the taxi, however, the cabbie does not stop and simply drives away.

Incredibly, the woman is left serious injured in the middle of the street, but is ignored by dozens of passers-by and motorists, who see her but choose to do nothing.

Just over a minute later the second accident occurs when an SUV runs over her entire body, leaving her lifeless on the ground.

Local police said when they were eventually called, they arrived to find the woman already without vital signs.

Paramedics confirmed her dead at the scene and the authorities sent out wanted notices for the two hit-and-run drivers.

Both the cabbie Zhang as well as the SUV driver Liu were arrested and now face manslaughter charges.

The case is still being investigated, the police said, and no date has been announced for their trial.

The police did not elaborate on whether they knew which of the collisions claimed the woman’s life.

Social media users, who have shared the footage over 61,000 times and left some 73,000 comments, said the tragic accident “typified” China.

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