Chimp about to be released into wild but her final act toward rescuer is heart-wrenching

Whether you’re an animal lover or not, the video below is sure to tug at your heartstrings. Millions of people have already shared the emotional video, and despite being from 2013, the footage never gets tiring to watch.

Watch cameras capture an intimate moment between a woman and her chimp as the chimp gives her one final goodbye before being released into the wild forever. Famed scientist Jane Goodall is a true hero in the animal world.

A huge advocate for our four-legged friends, Jane has certainly made her mark in the world of animal rehabilitation and education. One of her greatest life missions?

To rehabilitate sick chimpanzees and prepare them for a second chance in the wild. The Jane Goodall Institute in Congo is one of the main places her vision is brought to life.

When Wounda the chimp showed up at Jane’s rescue and received expert care at Tchimpounga, Jane and her staff had their work cut out for them. Frail and ill, Wounda wouldn’t have been able to survive much longer in the wild.

In fact, the sweet chimp was relocated to Tchindzoulou Island, one of three islands that are part of the expanded sanctuary. There, she received life-saving care and just as important–love and affection.

Luckily, thanks to the care and attention given to the animals at the rescue, Wounda was able to fully regain her strength and health. It was finally time to be released into the wild for a second chance at life.

The moment Wounda says goodbye to Jane for the last time is truly tear-jerking. Jane was an absolute blessing to these creatures and Wounda loved her deeply.

In fact, Jane speaks directly to the camera person, crediting her coworkers for saving Wounda’s life. She noted that if the chimpanzee had not been given the care and love she had, she would not have survived.

Others gathered around Wounda as she is released from her crate. Her affection for the humans who rescued her is evident before she begins a new life journey.

Watch as the gate is lifted from her cage for the final time, and see her final act with Jane in the emotional video below.