Autistic boy brings hidden microphone to school, a day later two teachers are fired

A teacher is someone that should guide and support the children they work with. While some teachers are known to do a poor job at these fundamental standards, there are also those who take things even further and bully the kids.

This story is about a 12-year-old boy Camden Davis. Since he suffers from a severe form of autism, his mother Milissa enrolled him in Hope Academy, a school from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, that specializes in teaching children with special needs.

Soon after, however, Camden’s behavior took a drastic shift. He started wetting his bed and becoming more violent at home. Despite Camden not being able to verbalize his concerns, his mother sensed that something terrible must be happening to him at school.

And so the devoted mother forged a brilliant plan of her own. Before sending her son to school, she placed a hidden microphone in his backpack. This way, she could hear exactly what’s making Camden so upset.

After Camden returned home with the recording, his mother listened to the track. Despite unpleasant expectations, however, she couldn’t prepare for the shock she was in for.

It turned out that Camden was harassed by his teacher and the teacher’s aide.

“Camden, why don’t you have anything written down? That’s why you can’t sit with everyone. Tell your momma that,” one teacher said during the recording. “You’re just writing the word. What is hard about it?” the voice continued.

As Camden was struggling to answer, the teachers were making fun of him by mimicking his mumbling.

In another section of the track, the two teachers said: “Let’s see what they do with him in f****** public school. He was going to go to Live Oak Middle. Uh ah, he wouldn’t make it for a minute.”

After playing the tape, Milissa broke down in tears. “I just wanted to cry, scream and do everything I could because it was so bad,” the worried mother explained. “To think that I had sent my son there every day, and what had happened before, that I didn’t know about.”

After the incident, Milissa published the evidence on social media and her story quickly went viral. Celebrities and television companies jumped in and offered support.

After that, both teachers responsible for Camden’s education were fired. While the school did apologize, they failed to act accordingly when Milissa first approached them with her worries.

Despite being left shaken by the event, Milissa is now happy to have moved Camden to a new school. She is also thankful to everyone who showed support for her child.

“Thank you Baton Rouge for everything you did,” she said. “People see these children need to be protected, and I was protecting my child because I knew things were going wrong.”

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Fire chief claims security camera captured an ‘angel’ floating over his truck

Glen Thorman, a fire chief in East Jordan, Michigan, received an email alert after his motion sensor security camera found some unexpected movement.

Glen opened the alert and stared back at the captured images in complete shock. There, hovering and floating over his truck, was a strange white figure. He couldn’t help but liken the figure to that of an angel.

Glen was so excited to show the photos to his wife and their pastor. He also posted the snapshots online where they went viral and were shared thousands of times.

Pastor Deneille Moes of the Jordan Rivers Church admits he was “freaked out” when he first saw the image. “That’s an angel,” he sent in a text to Glen. Deneille had no doubt in his mind that the image showed something supernatural.

The Jordan Rivers Church posted the photos along with a caption: “These photos have not been altered in anyway. The second photo, the security camera also shot because the angel was moving away.

The camera is designed to photograph anything in motion or unusual…. lots of tears today when they opened the security on their camera …WOW!”

But photographer Joe Clark explained a much different theory to WPBN-TV: “It is definitely moth-shaped in the first photo.

You can kind of clearly see what looks, or could be interpreted as, wings and a head, but at the same time since it’s not clearly in focus and since it is what it is, there may be room for interpretation.”

Take a look and see for yourself.

Mom floored by waitress’s announcement during her daughter’s birthday dinner

Birthday parties are special occasions that celebrate life. These days are especially important for young children and teenagers who are looking forward to having the time of their life with all their friends by their side.

Parents on the other hand would do anything for this memorable day that marks the end of the 365 day journey filled with amazing moments, and the start of another one, to be flawless.

One mother from Pennsylvania decided to throw a party for her daughter’s sixth birthday at Applebee’s and as the night was coming to an end, the waitress approached and announced something that left Jolie Welling in complete awe.

Six-year-old Sofia was eager for the day of her birthday to arrive because that meant a huge party, lots of smiley faces dancing to their favorite music, fancy food, and lots of cupcakes. Sounds pretty much like a perfect day in a kid’s life. But this sweet festivity had a different ending than that of most other kids’.

“We had drinks, appetizers, full-course meals,” Jolie recalled of the celebratory event. “We brought our own dessert — we had cupcakes — but that’s pretty expensive right there,”

said the mother, referring to the bill. But the night was rounded off by the sudden announcement that surprised the family.

“(The waitress) came over and announced to the table that an anonymous person paid our whole tab, and we were like, ‘What? Who?’

She was like, ‘I can’t tell you, they want to be anonymous,’ and I was like, ‘Oh my goodness,’” Jolie said. “The next thing, when we finally realized it, we started tearing up.”

Never in their wildest dreams did they think a complete stranger would give them such a generous present. It’s a day this family will never forget.

Jollie said, “Life is so complicated as it is, and you just work and work and work and struggle, and you try to enjoy every moment you can, and having my 6-year-old see that someone did this act of kindness really shows her that there are good people in this world.”

We will add that because of people like this kind-hearted stranger, the world becomes a better place. Sharing is caring, and as long as we do good for others we’ll be able to experience true happiness.

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If you ever see a quarter resting on top of a grave sone, don’t touch it

The world is filled with weird superstitions. Some involve black cats, some involve lemon and chilies but this one is strange as well.

Have you ever seen coins on a tombstone? Dan Malenfont works at Holly, Michigan’s National Military Cemetery.

He has been witness to countless families mourning the loss of their loved ones. But there’s one strange thing that he has seen people do over the past couple of years.

Many visitors leave American coins on the headstones of the deceased. Dan was intrigued by this ritual and decided to research to find the reason behind this practice.

People leave coins as a sign of respect for the military members who died and also to show their family member that someone paid a visit to this man’s grave.

The origin of this tradition is still unknown, but this is a beautiful way to remember the heroes who made sacrifices for the betterment of our lives.

Some think that it began as a move to gain popularity during the Second World War. Initially, it was just done to pay respect to our fallen heroes. But as time passed, each coin started having a special meaning.

If you wanted just to acknowledge and show respect to the dead soldier you leave a penny. If you trained in boot camp with the deceased, you leave a nickel. If you served alongside the soldier, you leave a dime. A quarter signifies that you were present when the soldier was killed.

Although there is not official policy recognizing this practice it has become a common practice.

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Tim Tebow sees date he turned down for prom on ‘Tonight Show’ – leaves mom in tears with his action

Judy Adams is a high school student with special needs, and like many young people attend Tim Tebow’ Foundation’s Night to Shine – a prom for special needs kids – held every year on the Friday before Valentine’s Day.

Judy was raised by her mom not to see her differences as deficits, but as unique strengths worth celebrating. That great attitude empowered her to reach for the stars recently and ask the football star himself to be her date for the evening.

A work conflict kept the famed, former quarterback from saying yes, but instead, he invited Judy and her mom to a taping of The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

To the surprise and delight of Judy and her mother, Tim made up for his refusal and asked the young woman to dance with him. Corsage in hand, Tim asks for a “special girl” to join him on the soundstage for a dance.

“Judy Adams, I was wondering if maybe I can have a dance,” Tebow asked.

To the applause of the crowd and as the band played Tim spun around the dance floor while mom cried tears of joy in the audience as she looked on.

Tim’s generous heart and over the top gesture gave this girl a night to remember and a smile that shines on.

She begged her dog to bark softly, can’t stop laughing at dog’s reply

One of the amazing parts of owning a dog is being able to train it to follow your commands and do impressive tricks. The trick the dog shows off in this video is made to perform has to be one of the coolest dog tricks you have ever seen.

in the video, a mom asks her dog to bark for her. The obedient dog does the trick, but this doesn’t feel like a cool trick at first until you hear her next command and watch how the dog responds. She asks the dog to bark softly and interestingly the pooch replies with a low volume bark.

She then asks him to bark even softer and he follows her commands perfectly. She continues to instruct him to bark softly until his voice is barely audible. The way this woman has been able to train her dog is so incredible. It’s not every day you get to see a dog that can do things like this.

While this might not look like any of the more complex dog tricks out there, getting a dog to bark very softly is an impressive feat.

According to a dog experts, although it is something most dogs never get to learn, it is possible to teach your dog this trick and get it to start whispering on command. The process of doing this is just like the usual process of training your dog.

In fact, most people find it pretty easy to get their dog to speak or stop speaking on demand, but getting a dog to whisper like the one in the video isn’t exactly simple but quite possible as well.

Once all the logistical aspects of dog training, such as picking a cue word and other things have been settled you can proceed to train your dog to whisper. Of course, there are a number of methods to go about doing this one of them is what was called the gentle whisper method highlighted this way:

The Gentle Whisper Method

Step 1 Have a seat: Call your dog over and have him or her sit in front of you.

Step 2 The stare: Stare at your puppy right in their eyes and very quietly say “Whisper” or your choice of cue words. Repeat this until your dog barks at you – at this point it’s okay if it is loud.

Step 3 Reward on demand: as soon as your pup barks tell him “Good whisper” and give a tasty treat. This helps your pup to start getting an idea of what you are going for.

Step 4 Volume control: Now that you have your pup barking when you say “whisper” it’s time to start getting serious. This time only give him a treat when his barks are quieter. He will soon figure out that he only gets treats when he barks in a hushed fashion.

Step 5 It’s whisper time; Repeat the above steps, making sure to reward your pup on steadily quieter and quieter barks until he reaches what you consider to be the perfect indoor voice. With time and patience, you can start showing off this new trick to your friends!

17-year-old dog loyally stays with age 3 girl lost in woods for more than 15 hours

We see over and over stories of animal heroes who protect human beings and their offspring. Recently a blue heeler named Max in Australia guarded his beloved three-year-old companion when she wandered away from her home in the Australian Brush.

When little Aurora wandered away from her grandmother’s home, she apparently didn’t go alone. Max followed her and stayed with her the entire time, and it turned into an overnight harrowing experience.

On a Friday afternoon at 3:00 p.m., Aurora was reported missing. An initial search of the hills and woodlands surrounding the woodland area found no trace of Aurora. And then the weather got bad and started to rain.

The search began again on Saturday morning, and it was at 8:00 a.m. that they found Aurora being carefully guarded by Max.

Aurora’s grandmother, Leisa Bennett, heard Aurora faintly from a mountaintop about two kilometers (1.24 miles) from the house.


Leisa said it was an emotional reunion with “a lot of tears.”


It’s a miracle that they were found.



Amazingly, Aurora was in great condition. She had some minor abrasions and cuts but that’s it.



A happy ending for this family. We’re so grateful for loving, loyal animal companions like Max. For his loyalty, he was made an honorary police dog. He’ll never know that, of course. All he knows is he’d do it all over again to protect the little girl he loves.

Abused doberman joins family, when he grabs toddler by diaper parents are scared to death

When just looking at the facts, this story sounds like it will end tragically. A mistreated Doberman was recently adopted into a family.

Four days later he is seen hurling the family’s 18-month-old child by the diapers through the air. Horrible things can happen in a seconds time. In this story, though there is much more than at first meets the eye.

Catherine Svilicic was watching her 17-month-old daughter Charlotte play alongside their newly adopted Doberman Khan when all of a sudden Khan appeared to snap and become aggressive, using his mouth to pick up Charlotte by her diaper and fling her across the yard.

Running in terror Catherine ran to pick up Charlotte. She then realized the reason for Khan’s behavior. A large brown snake lay in the yard. Khan had just saved Charlotte from being bitten by a king brown snake, one of Australia’s most poisonous of serpents.

Catherine recalls that horrifying moment, “Khan was really concentrating and was acting aggressive towards Charlotte and kept trying to nudge her but it wasn’t working, so he grabbed her by the back of the nappy and threw her more than a meter. Charlotte looked pretty shocked and then Khan screamed.”

Catherine continues, “I realized quickly it was a snake and Khan had been trying to get in between her and the snake before he threw her.”

In the process of saving Charlotte from the poisonous venom, Khan had taken the blow. He was bitten on the paw, and after chasing off the snake, he ran inside and collapsed.

Khan was taken to the vet and thankfully, the anti-venom that they gave him worked. Khan’s story has now circulated around the world. A Doberman who was starved and abused, being rescued with broken ribs and almost put out of his misery has carried no malice towards the often cruel human race.

Catherine plans on ensuring that Khan will live out his days in heroic fashion. “If Khan wants a gold bowl, Khan gets it. We owe him for the rest of his life” she said.

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Terrified woman runs into gas station begging for help, then clerk sees 4 thugs right behind her

Usually, when Savannah Pritchett goes to work at the Triple R Gas and Mart in Waterford, California, she spends her hours ringing up customers, stocking shelves, and cleaning the bathrooms. She had no idea her job description would include “saving lives.”

On July 11, Savannah was standing behind the counter when a young woman walked into the store trembling with fear. She grabbed Savannah and her next words left the store clerk cold.

“The first thing she told me was, ‘I was kidnapped and they have guns. Please lock the door. They will kill us or kill me,’” Savannah recalled.

Without wasting a second, Savannah sprang into action. She ran over and locked the front door and then guided the terrified woman into the bathroom.

The woman explained that she had been kidnapped and sexually assaulted and her assailants were planning to drive her to San Francisco. Desperate to escape, she told them she needed to use the restroom when they got to the gas station and went in looking for help. That’s when she found Savannah.

Savannah slipped the woman a phone before locking the bathroom door and then calmly unlocked the front door and went back behind the counter as if nothing had happened – just as the kidnappers came in looking for the woman.

“I knew that if I left the door locked they would have caught on to something and probably took off,” she said. “They seriously had no idea that I knew anything.”

Savannah told the men that the woman was in the bathroom dealing with her menstrual cycle, which distracted them long enough for police to arrive.

The four assailants, all of whom have local gang ties, were taken into custody. They will face trial for a variety of charges, including armed robbery, sexual assault, and kidnapping.

Many people have hailed Savannah as a hero, but she humbly denies the claim, saying, “I’m very thankful that I got to help that girl, and I am very thankful that she’s home safe with her family, and now I’m happy that they got those guys off the street.”

But if you ask law enforcement officials, Savannah deserves all the praise and more.

Said Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Department Sgt. Tom Letras, “Her being able to get this victim into a secured restroom with a phone and being able to contact law enforcement very well may have saved [the victim’s] life.”


Chimp about to be released into wild but her final act toward rescuer is heart-wrenching

Whether you’re an animal lover or not, the video below is sure to tug at your heartstrings. Millions of people have already shared the emotional video, and despite being from 2013, the footage never gets tiring to watch.

Watch cameras capture an intimate moment between a woman and her chimp as the chimp gives her one final goodbye before being released into the wild forever. Famed scientist Jane Goodall is a true hero in the animal world.

A huge advocate for our four-legged friends, Jane has certainly made her mark in the world of animal rehabilitation and education. One of her greatest life missions?

To rehabilitate sick chimpanzees and prepare them for a second chance in the wild. The Jane Goodall Institute in Congo is one of the main places her vision is brought to life.

When Wounda the chimp showed up at Jane’s rescue and received expert care at Tchimpounga, Jane and her staff had their work cut out for them. Frail and ill, Wounda wouldn’t have been able to survive much longer in the wild.

In fact, the sweet chimp was relocated to Tchindzoulou Island, one of three islands that are part of the expanded sanctuary. There, she received life-saving care and just as important–love and affection.

Luckily, thanks to the care and attention given to the animals at the rescue, Wounda was able to fully regain her strength and health. It was finally time to be released into the wild for a second chance at life.

The moment Wounda says goodbye to Jane for the last time is truly tear-jerking. Jane was an absolute blessing to these creatures and Wounda loved her deeply.

In fact, Jane speaks directly to the camera person, crediting her coworkers for saving Wounda’s life. She noted that if the chimpanzee had not been given the care and love she had, she would not have survived.

Others gathered around Wounda as she is released from her crate. Her affection for the humans who rescued her is evident before she begins a new life journey.

Watch as the gate is lifted from her cage for the final time, and see her final act with Jane in the emotional video below.