Autistic boy brings hidden microphone to school, a day later two teachers are fired

A teacher is someone that should guide and support the children they work with. While some teachers are known to do a poor job at these fundamental standards, there are also those who take things even further and bully the kids.

This story is about a 12-year-old boy Camden Davis. Since he suffers from a severe form of autism, his mother Milissa enrolled him in Hope Academy, a school from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, that specializes in teaching children with special needs.

Soon after, however, Camden’s behavior took a drastic shift. He started wetting his bed and becoming more violent at home. Despite Camden not being able to verbalize his concerns, his mother sensed that something terrible must be happening to him at school.

And so the devoted mother forged a brilliant plan of her own. Before sending her son to school, she placed a hidden microphone in his backpack. This way, she could hear exactly what’s making Camden so upset.

After Camden returned home with the recording, his mother listened to the track. Despite unpleasant expectations, however, she couldn’t prepare for the shock she was in for.

It turned out that Camden was harassed by his teacher and the teacher’s aide.

“Camden, why don’t you have anything written down? That’s why you can’t sit with everyone. Tell your momma that,” one teacher said during the recording. “You’re just writing the word. What is hard about it?” the voice continued.

As Camden was struggling to answer, the teachers were making fun of him by mimicking his mumbling.

In another section of the track, the two teachers said: “Let’s see what they do with him in f****** public school. He was going to go to Live Oak Middle. Uh ah, he wouldn’t make it for a minute.”

After playing the tape, Milissa broke down in tears. “I just wanted to cry, scream and do everything I could because it was so bad,” the worried mother explained. “To think that I had sent my son there every day, and what had happened before, that I didn’t know about.”

After the incident, Milissa published the evidence on social media and her story quickly went viral. Celebrities and television companies jumped in and offered support.

After that, both teachers responsible for Camden’s education were fired. While the school did apologize, they failed to act accordingly when Milissa first approached them with her worries.

Despite being left shaken by the event, Milissa is now happy to have moved Camden to a new school. She is also thankful to everyone who showed support for her child.

“Thank you Baton Rouge for everything you did,” she said. “People see these children need to be protected, and I was protecting my child because I knew things were going wrong.”

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