The taboo word ‘shower’ puts dogs into a frenzy and this video shows they will do anything to escape it

Dog paddles is an actual swimming move to keep afloat, so why do most dogs try to run away from a bath?

Most of these same dogs will sprint into the waters whenever they see a river or a lake but at the same time, cower in fear when they see a tub full of water!

Maybe this pup is just afraid of the foamy bubbles that fill the tub to the brim

Some argue that it is because dogs are aware of the surrounding environment and prefer to leisurely swim at their will or maybe they know that getting a bath or shower is not part of their nature!

This clever pup here keeps turning the faucet off with his paw

Getting into a bath will make them feel exposed and extremely vulnerable! It could also be perceived as a form of punishment to them and these furry hounds will do anything to escape the torture of soap and water


Smaller dogs are easier to handle as their owner could just clean them at the sink and carry them into the bathtub but big dogs are definitely a challenge


Great Dane struggles with dad on the bathroom floor to run away from the water. It’s almost like an argument or tug-of-war every time you suggest ‘shower time’!

These poor babies do bring up a comical side whenever you mention the magic word. Watch their funny antics in the video and have a laugh!

This talented UCLA gymnast achieves perfect score for her epic Michael Jackson’s floor routine

Thousands are obsessed with this gymnast’s incredible routine and here is why.

UCLA gymnast Katelyn Ohashi knew that she was determined to win and to shine when she participated in the 2018 Pac 12 Championships and she did it well.

Just before she begins her routine, the announcers announced that she has achieved several perfect scores of 10 but she would need to achieve a 9.6 or higher if she wanted to win in the competition.

As soon as the music is played, Katelyn begins to tumble, twirl and flip on the mat as the audience cheer on her

The gifted gymnast performs her routine to a mix of Michael Jackson’s hit songs

She also performs moonwalks which have driven the audience wild for her flawless moves

Since the video of her performing was posted on Facebook, the video has been watched over 52 million times!

Two young people play stupidly: Pretending to be a zebra into the African forest lured lions, the ending remembered forever

Naturally came up with the unique joke, two young men masked a zebra into the forest to trick the lions and the result made viewers laugh out.
The tranquil forest appeared to be a strange zebra causing chaos.

Its appearance had made the two hungry lions can not sit silently, they rushed forward and started attacking. When catching big bait, the two hungry lions hauled and teared their outfits.

The strange zebra appeared

The two hungry lions hauled the strange zebra

The two hungry lions teared their outfits

The two young men had to remove their zebra suit and gave in two hungry lions. The two lions bit the fake zebra’s head thrown away. Fortunately for the two young playing stupidly, thanks to the clothes left, they could escape lion’s jaw.


The two lions bit the fake zebra’s head thrown away

The safest way is running straight to home. Although they are still safe, but they also have a memorable confrontation with the lion. However, they were also happy and laughed out as they fooled two hungry lions and escaped.


Two young men escaped the attack of two fierce lions

Fortunately, they are still safe after fighting with the lions. Don’t play this dangerous joke. Don’t take your life to joke like that!

This twin gets upset when his brother leaves him- but brother knows what to do

In this video, we see a pair of twins, and to say that look alike is an understatement—they’re not just identical, but they’re also wearing the same exact outfit.

Given how young they both are, we see them go down some stairs on video, but they need each other’s help to do so.

But then, one twin decides to leave the other, leaving the latter stranded with only one stair left.

Watch video:

But the mother, who was recording them, tells the leaving brother what he must do to right his wrong.

Mom Delighted That 2-Yr-Old Remembered Deployed Dad As She Captures Their Reunion.

As a parent or any other close relative, one of the most treasured feelings on the planet is when your youngster sees you, smiles, and comes running in for a hug.

There isn’t much else that can compare to that actual feeling.

Amanda Taylor gave her life partner, Sgt. Brenden Taylor, the blessing of this moment on film once he arrived home after a 175-day deployment.

Amanda and Brenden have two young girls aged, 2 and a half year old and 1-year-old.

Their first young lady was brought into this world while Brenden was away in 2015, and the second in May 2017, only nine months prior to his next deployment in February 2018.

Amanda admits she was past worried about Brenden’s 2018 deployment since she’d be left to take care of “not one, but two little girls” alone.

She similarly focused on how the young girls would react to their daddy leaving and wondered whether they’d be unfamiliar with him.

When they saw Brenden off in February, Amanda said her home felt “empty” and that it just took two hours for her most settled young lady to start asking where her daddy was.

As if the day wasn’t hard enough, the 2-year-old got a stomach bug that day Brenden left and Amanda felt “helpless” knowing her daughter felt frightful not having her daddy there to comfort her.

Being the determined mother she is, Amanda decided not to get overwhelmed by his absence and instead look forward to his return by counting down the days with her girls.

Her 2-year-old loved doing this, which helped things to some degree by making his return “more bearable” for the family.


As Brenden’s homecoming moved closer, Amanda understood that she needed to make it outstanding, so she contacted Maddie Shortt, a photographer, to capture the moments of his return.

At long last, the day came, and every one of the young ladies were both eager to see their Dad.


As Brenden’s transport drew closer, his 2-year-old began shouting “Daddy!” excitedly shouting “Daddy get off the bus!”

Once he was off the transport, the little child lets go of her mother’s hand and ran into her father’s arms – while Maddie captured it on film.

When she recalled the day, Amanda said, “I don’t think I’ve ever witnessed a smile from my husband like I did that day when he finally got his little girls in his arms again” and that “deployments end; love doesn’t.”

Take a look at the reunion in the video below:

The clip of nurse using a towel to help a newborn baby have a good sleep attracted nearly 3 million views

With a few simple steps, the towel has become a soft nest as the mother’s arms for the newborn baby sleep.

With a newborn baby, giving him food and sleep is usually the primary concern of the mother. But recently, the clip of a nurse guiding how to use a towel to help newborn baby sleep can solve all mother’s problems.

This method causes the mother to be excited and the clip was shared widely on the Internet. After 2 days posting on Facebook, the clip attracted nearly 3 million views, 6,700 likes and over 81,800 shares.

Steps for making a “nest” for a newborn baby as the nurse guide are very simple that any mother can apply, including:

Step 1: Prepare a towel about 120cm long and 60cm wide. Then, wrap the towel to length (long towel makes the implementation easier).

Step 2: The baby should be wear comfortable clothes. Then, place the baby on his right side and wrap the towel from his toes on the baby’s head. A head of towel placed below the neck and the other head placed under the baby’s head.

Step 3: Mother claps baby’s back to help baby sleep. The baby will slowly fall asleep, each sleep will last about 2 hours.

Depending on each baby, some will lie and sleep but some will not cooperate. Anyway, this is also a good way that mom should save to do for the baby.

The sacred Riana summons a terrifying imaginary friend and horrified all the judges

Appearing in black costumes from head to toe, Riana also carries a black doll and as usual doesn’t say a word which terrified everyone in the studio.

No matter who ask questions, she won’t answer, Riana quietly walks down to the judges and placed the doll in Mel B’s hand, making the judge shaking in fear.

Later on, with Riana’s bizarre behavior, Mel B seemed to be afraid of being “haunted” so he immediately took the doll to the Howie who is sitting next to her.

Follow up, Riana mysterious actions horrified everyone in the studio.

She gives Mel B the doll

Next, she goes back to the stage to continue doing her act.

An unlit candle is put into a mysterious box and it suddenly light up

Riana does it again with a blank page book and it shows up with scratch and someone’s hand writing


Lastly, she takes the doll back and place it inside the box


The doll turns into a human being which dresses exactly the same as the doll

Watch video:

The whole studio is frightening and judge even asks her to leave the stage.

Chatty 2-year-old baby “converses” with dad, dad’s counterarguments have the internet rolling

Young kids have a knack for saying the most hilarious things. Everything they say can make it difficult not to crack up

Meanwhile, babies who are still in their babbling baby talk stage can be impossible to interpret, and yet they are just as hilarious when you try to talk to them.

This video perfectly exemplifies this situation. While dad was outside taking care of the drying laundry, his son came up and began talking to his dad from the other side of the door.

As the baby converses with his dad he starts to have a lot of body language, pointing his finger all around their home and babbly expressing himself.

At one point, the baby has his finger pointed behind him towards his mother who is filming and his dad says to him, “Yes, she’s a slave driver and it’s a good thing you know that now.”

As soon as he says that, there is a look of pure shock on the baby’s face as he turns and looks at his mother – it’s almost as if he actually understood his father!

Watch video:

Throughout the video, the father has a debate over things like moving out and needing to do the laundry.

This baby boy does not miss a beat and patiently waits to respond with his dramatic babbles until his dad is finished speaking.

Pretend to be a karate master, the man made everyone surprised on the street

What would happen when between a nice guy and a bully have conflicts?

A bully man ( wearing black shirt) collides with a nice guy ( wearing blue shirt) on the street. The bully seems to pick a quarrel with the nice guy, perhaps people think the nice guy will be beaten brutally by the bully.

Two young men loudly quarreled with each other, which attracted the attention to passersby.

Facing with the aggressive behavior of the bully, the nice guy draw him a lesson.

At first he threw the electric pole nearby, which made everyone around both amazed and delighted.

Then he continued to kick the motorbike, which made the bully only backward.

Finally, he still kicked a public fountain, and the walkers wonder what was going on. The nice guy’s performance is very nice?

Descendant of Michael Jackson, 4 years old performed the legendary dance which made professional dancers shook

At the age of 4, this boy’s dance move was exactly the same as the legend has convinced even the toughest crowd.

Kingsley left a deep impression on the crowd and the judges by embodied the legend Michael Jackson when performed at Indonesia got talent.

From appearance to facial expressions there was no difference between Kingsley and Michael.


Especially the legendary dance move couldn’t be mistaken; the boy has is extremely skillful and an impressive talent.


Not every dancer can dance as go as the little version of Michael Jackson

Nothing is impossible if you live with passion and show your natural talent.