20-Year-old boy who won the $451 million lottery already have plans for the money

Gambling has become a norm in our today’s community. Today everybody is dreaming of one day becoming the next millionaires. We even went ahead to plan on how to spend this money even before winning on the play.

One in time, my family frequently talked about owning an arts center. They wanted it to be designed specifically for dancers, teams of technical staff and their coach. But this was just a dream.

Now that I am grown up; I have little feeling for arts thus I do not see the future in the arts center dream. Today my goal is to own an animal sanctuary to help the less fortunate animals. All the sad faces of live puppies on the internet will possibly now fit in my dream sanctuary since not all can fit in my house.

These have been dreams in people’s minds. But as from January 12th, this year, a 20–year-old boy no longer dreams but have his fortunes at hands. Shane Missler, 20, from Port Richey Florida emerged a jackpot winner. He purchased and a ticket that alters claimed him $451 million jackpot. The card was a scratch-off ticket and was sold to him on 5th of January 2017.

This is not just a small money. It’s something that has gone into the history books as it is the fourth largest jackpot ever won in the world.

The lottery company based in Pasco County and named as SevenEleven. But Missler unlike others, he already has plans for this money.

He admitted that he just 20 years old but that doesn’t make to pursue his passions. He admitted that he would use the money to pursue his passions and as well help his family. He continued that he has also to do good to humanity with part of the money.

When he went to Tallahassee to redeem his ticket, he was in accompany by his father and his attorney. The attorney in did say that Missler had just resigned from his work to take care of his family.

He was working with a background screening company. Apart from his family commitments, Missler also wanted some good time to stay grounded before he can start to utilize his lifer time luck.

He admitted that despite his age, he had been one of the most fortunate guys of the week. He has been in the news for his luck. He said that this is all he owns now and he needed to manage it well.

“I purpose to take care of my family …” he stated. He also intend s to have some fun on his way, but above all, he wants to ground himself a financial success from his fortune. He promised to leave a legacy from his small trials that have made him get this far.

In life, people have to follow their dreams. Missler said that he is one guy who has the passion for pursuing ideas and he will urge other people to follow their dreams too.

He said,”…I am only 20, and my journey has just begun.” Meaning he still has a lot to do, and since he can’t do everything on the planet, he will only follow his dreams.

He made up his mind to take a lump sum of $281,874,999 instead of lifetime payments. This was just part of the $451 million in Texas.

As promised, taking care of his family may include some issues. Just imagine paying all his family mortgages, one-time clearance of student loans, and even other debts. He can also decide to purchase a brand new car and a home at the same time. What an excellent luck for Missler.

He said he knew he would do everything to his family but reinstated that he too must drive a new car and stay in a new home.

If you may want to know it all, the lucky numbers of the lottery were as follows: 28,30,39,59 and 70, and the mega ball was just 10!